About Us


“Dress how you want to dress, talk how you want to talk, & laugh as loudly as you want to laugh without getting the side eye. I encourage it actually!”

-Danielle Lavallee, Founder

Serving tables in MA & RI since 2020

Our mission is to bring people together in an intimate setting of only 6-25 people providing a full service, in-home dining experience. We bring the beautiful aesthetics of a restaurant, along with a customized menu prepared for you and your guests all in the comfort of your own home.

What exactly do we mean by full service? It means we setup a beautiful tablescape including flatware, dinnerware, drinkware, & linens , bring in the freshest curated ingredients to prepare for you a four course menu of haute-style cuisine, and take care of all the clean up so you can enjoy your time with your guests.

Whether it is a birthday, a girls night, or just a simple get together with friends, all time together is precious and special enough for a Social Table Experience.

Meet the Team

Danielle Lavallee, Founder & Head Chef

“Wouldn’t it be cool if a chef could come to your house and create a restaurant concept in the comfort of your home?” That was the question Chef Danielle pondered for years, but the pandemic ignited her desire to bring this concept to people. Having always had a passion for the hospitality industry, spending years in restaurants, & even more years in her mother’s & grandmother’s kitchens, Chef Danielle decided to pursue her dream of bringing people together around their dinner tables for a unique experience. Chef Danielle’s ultimate goal is that Social Table is remembered for the quality connection & lasting memories we can bring our guests every week. (…and of course, good food!)

Natalie Clark – Chef

At eight years old, Chef Natalie watched her first cooking video & the spark of a lifelong passion was born. Cooking became her love language, and sharing that with others became her purpose. Chef Natalie also co-owns and operates Social Spirits, our sister company, which focuses on mobile beverage service. Natalie loves experimenting with new cocktail recipes, & you can find her usually sippin’ on a fruity bourbon smash when she is enjoying a nightcap. Natalie is a bit of a coffee snob and, on her off-time, loves to travel, especially on road trips with good tunes, good company & great car snacks. 

Rebecca Small – Chef

Chef Rebecca has always been passionate about cooking, hosting parties, and enjoying delicious food with good company. With a background in interior design but a deep love for hospitality, this job has given her the best of all her favorite things: making beautiful dishes and being a part of our clients’ intimate gatherings. She grew up in Rhode Island with a family that was always experimenting in the kitchen and excited about trying new recipes. Some of her favorite things are warm vegetable salads, negronis, and good quality ice cream.