Styled Spreads

Our styled spreads offer an aesthetic and functional food display to be the wow- factor of your event. We offer two different spreads: Charcuterie Table and Grazer Table.

These large displays feed feed a minimum of 25 guests and up to 150+, and options to add a drink wall and balloon garland are available upon request.

Grazer Table

Starting at $1,000

Say goodbye to the traditional buffet-style dining and say hello to the world of Grazer Tables – the ultimate in interactive dining. These styled spreads allow your guests to mingle, graze, and discover new flavor combinations with each bite. Handcrafted with the freshest foods and aesthetic setup, our Grazer Table will leave a lasting impression.

Our grazer tables feed a minimum of 25 guests and up to 150+ guests. Upon filling out an intake form, you will be sent further details on food selections for this grazer. Heartier food options and add ons available upon request.

Charcuterie Table

Starting at $550

Indulge in the adoration for the classic charcuterie board, as we elevate the experience by introducing our charcuterie table. This table goes beyond the traditional board, with an eye-catching presentation that holds an array of fresh meats, cheeses, artisan bread, vegetables, and more. This six foot spread will captivate your guests and create an unforgettable experience.

Serving up to 25 guests, our Charcuterie Table features a selection of appetizers meticulously paired to provide an exceptional charcuterie experience.


Drink Wall

Starting at $200

Add a drink wall to your event with a variety of beverages such as champagne, mimosas cocktails or mocktails.

Mobile Beverage Service

Starting at $6 per person

Add our mobile beverage service to your event where our bartenders will set up your choice of either our mobile bar truck or bar stand & craft cocktails, mocktails & beverages for your guests.

Balloon GArland

Starting at $75

Add a ballon garland to your drink wall or bar for a pop of color & a photo worthy moment for you and your guests.